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Turniptool videos

The Turniptool effectively obsoletes the long-arm two -handed tools made for the larger diameter rivet nuts.

It also obsoletes the well-known and widely used 'Lazy Tong' pop rivet setter (and most of the others too).

M6 Rivet nut. Clear view of setting action

M12 Rivet nut setting action.

Turniptool setting a 12 mm rivet nut

Tiny Turnip setting a 4 mm rivet nut.

Tiny Turnip setting a 4 mm rivet nut by means of an extender

Turniptool setting a 3 mm pop rivet.

Turniptool setting a 6 mm pop rivet.

Settng - removing pullrod with extractor.        Look at this and decide if you really need that expensive pneumatic tool.

Setting 24 M8 rivet nuts in 5 minutes.             Don't miss this - Production run of serial setting of 8 mm rivet nuts